After some readers or to-be-readers asked us multiple times to publish in English too – here we go. We decided to present here original texts instead of translating the whole web from Czech. We hope our readers will enjoy this new diversity.

The socialism label is used in too cavalier a way

Imagine that private entrepreneurial activities and ownership of capital and business assets are banned or directly controlled by the government. All economic life is managed exclusively by the ruling political party. In such a society, where you cannot own anything, you do not care much about anything, and you have no constraints. In desperation, people sometimes resort to simply stealing the things they need. Welcome to the economy of socialism that mortally degrades all human values.

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Paradigm shift for millennials

Refusing a buy-one, get-one offer in the supermarket because you want just one product? Refusing to give your Social Security number or email address when being asked? Or refusing the monopoly of classic medicine based on mostly chemo-biological treatment of signs of sickness — and preferring instead a mix of natural, homeopathic and classic medicine relying on holistic support of a healthy balance? Welcome to the free individual side of the new social divide.

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All fight and not enough flight, that’s our problem

During the last couple of centuries, we convinced ourselves that we are the most powerful specie, that nature is here for us, that we could take and consume anything we want from her. We became arrogant. We became aggressive. A combination of arrogance and aggression leads to the overuse of the fight response. We think that we don’t have to flee anymore. Why hunker down, why run away, why stay quiet when we are the masters?

So, we fight. We fight weather (we try), we fight each other, we fight other nations, we fight viruses, we fight sharks. Fight becomes normal.

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